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Cooking with Celandine

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for celandineb and other members to post recipes that they love and want to share. Feel free to join and put up your own favorites! This is not intended as a gourmet collection; some dishes may be complex and relatively difficult to make, but easy foods, comfort foods, simple foods are always welcome. I mean come on, most of us don't have time to go for the gusto every night, right?

Format for posting recipes:

Subject: put the title of the recipe in the subject line.

Header: please follow the following format (the boldface is optional).

Recipe: Three Bean Salad
From: The Bean Cookbook
Serves: 8-10

Please use an lj-cut to hide the recipe itself, to keep clutter down on everyone's friends pages.

After you've posted, it would be helpful to tag the entry to show what kind of recipe it is. There are a number of established tags -- choose whichever one(s) are appropriate. If you need to add a new one, go ahead. Put your username in as a tag, as well, so that someone can search for recipes by the author of them as well.